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A Soviet tank worth a whole platoon of fascists.
If you think that the film about the Great Patriotic War, directors and writers too praised the courage of Soviet soldiers, you're wrong - in fact, our ancestors were even steeper movie heroes. A Soviet tank worth a whole platoon of fascists, and this amazing history proves this is an indisputable fact.

Little introduction:

Shot a German tank column Soviet tank KV-1C (speed) and its dead soldiers. Voronezh Front. January-February 1943.

Another picture of the KV-1S

For more information about another episode already with the KV-1:

Description feat of premium sheet (spelling and punctuation preserved):

"July 13, 1942, in the district of H-MITYAKINSKOE 2nd, tank" HF "l-NTA KONOVALOV was due to a fault after the fight. The crew regained their own tank. At this time, it seemed two German armored vehicles. Tov. KONOVALOV immediately opened fire and one car was set on fire, the second hastily disappeared. Following the armored vehicles appeared moving column of tanks, 35 vehicles initially, and then another 40. Ex-moved to the village. L-nt KONOVALOV using its advantageous position camouflaged tank, decided to take the fight. After letting the first column of tanks at a distance of 500-600 meters, the crew of "HF" opened fire. Direct fire destroyed 4 tanks. Column pr-ca not take the fight, came back. But after a while deployed to build villages attacked 55 tanks pr-ca. L-nt KONOVALOV decided to continue the fight against armored vehicles Nazi invaders, despite this overwhelming superiority. Heroic crew set fire to another 6 tanks, etc.-ka and forced him to roll back a second time. The enemy is making a third attack. Heroes tankers, led by their commander Comrade Komsomol. Konovalov, firing at tanks and vehicles, etc.-ka to the last shell. They destroy another 6 enemy tanks, armored vehicles and 1 8 cars with the enemy soldiers and officers. Soviet fortress silent. The Nazis opened fire from 105mm guns, which is pulled up to the tank at a distance of 75 meters. The crew with the Hero Lieutenant-Commander Konovalov together with the tank was killed in this unequal battle. Protecting our homeland from the German invaders, l-nt KONOVALOV showed courage, unwavering fortitude, selfless heroism. For the heroism shown in the protection of the homeland, comrade. KONOVALOV worthy posthumous awarding the title "Hero of Soviet Union" the Order of Lenin and medal "Gold Star".

Senior lieutenant / VASILKOV /

The next day, a reconnaissance team inspected the battlefield. Tower and mehvodovsky hatches isklёvannogo German shells, burned-out tanks were closed. Interviewed locals added details. Brigade Commander was briefed about the heroism and the heroic death of the crew - commander Konovalov, senior mehvoda Kozyrentseva, gun commander Dementieva, charging Gerasimlyuka, Jr. mehvoda Akinina, radiotelegraph Chervinsky, along with finding them technician team Serebryakov. And flew telegram notify relatives, acquaintances ...

The phrase battalion Vasil'kova "worthy posthumous assignment ... with the award" was part of the prophetic.

After multiple direct hits completely immobilize the tank and ammunition came to an end, Konovalov ordered: after the last shot of the crew immediately leaves the machine through the escape hatch in the bottom. Last shot gun HF practically coincided in time with the first shot toned Germans to be shot at point-blank pernicious Fortress 105-millimeter guns.

Still, the three are not killed immediately got out of the car, took off one of her guns: Commander, technology and Serebryakov bashnёru Dementieva. They crawled to a safe place, and when darkness began to wade to the east, to his.

Fearing betrayal and captivity in settlements tried not to go, literally fed pasture - raw grain, grass. On the fourth day of the journey three tankman found a German tank, standing invitingly open hatches.

Rightly judging that to go any better than to go, tankers have decided to "take" it. Crept up to the car, Serebryakov scored one guarding her tankman gun butt, and laid Dement'ev second pistol. Meanwhile Konovalov shot the commander and driver enemy machine. Tankers brought captured the trophy and at full throttle moved to his.

Thus, the enemy machine successfully avoiding fire anti-tank weapons on both sides, they came, more precisely, to his left, glad it was that crazy to give Fritz arrived. However, they went too far from the location of his brigade, and were enrolled in the new part.

Seeds audacity Konovalov was appreciated: he commanded trophy about one month, shot down with it in battle at least three German tanks.

After all the circumstances of representation on the Hero did not rewrite, and a decree was signed on 31 March 1943.
Simon V. Konovalov reached the Victory and in 1946 was transferred to the reserve. However, in 1950 he was again called on, two years later he graduated from the Leningrad armored officer school, but after the beginning of Khrushchev's reduction of the army in 1956, Lieutenant Colonel Konovalov was discharged already definitively.

Donkey Konovalov in Kazan, where he worked 25 years as a senior engineer at one of the factories. Conducted a major public work, often speaking to young people, was a freelance lecturer Society "Knowledge". He died a hero April 4, 1989, buried in Kazan Arskoe cemetery.

Semyon V. Konovalov


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