Black special series Aston Martin

Aston Martin announced the release of a limited edition of its flagship machine - DBS and V12 Vantage - with a special finish. The series will be called Ā«Carbon BlackĀ», and as the name implies, the car will be built in the style of black and decoration will be used a lot of carbon. Cars series painted in black color, sills made of black carbon fiber, and complete the dark exterior - black alloy wheels. In the same style and the interior of the vehicle is maintained. The interior is trimmed in black leather with silver stitching. I think it is not necessary to specify the color of the dashboard, the instruments themselves, and everything else - the answer is obvious. Through the use of Kevlar and carbon fiber, the car will lose 17 kilos in weight, which is very important for the fans of high speeds. It is reported that the price of special series DBS and V12 Vantage will be 5% higher than the base models.


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