Turning Aston Martin DB9 in DBS


German studio Edo Competition has received an unusual order: a Russian citizen, whose name was not released, asked to alter his Aston Martin DB9 in DBS. It would seem easier to hand over the old car to trade-in and buy a new one. But, apparently, for five years use of the machine, our compatriot as it szhilsya that did not want to change it. For the conversion of the old model Aston Martin in a new tuning Bureau replaced the metal to carbon fiber body panels, which are on the DB. The interiors have also been re-registration. In finishing salon with a mix of Alcantara, leather, carbon fiber and metal. Engine DB9 dispersed with 470 to 550 l / s, which is even larger 40 "horses" in comparison with the flagship DBS. To cope with the new engine, the car has received new brake pads. At what cost such a transformation is not reported, but in any case it is much more expensive than simply buying a new car. But the client, according to Edo Competition, was pleased with the result.


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