Zonda Uno for the Qatari royal family

The Italian supercar manufacturer Pagani Zonda, which already produces custom-made cars, created by order of the Qatari ruling family Al Thani car, there is only one. Exclusive cars azure was called Uno. The supercar is based on a Zonda Cinque significant "impurities" racing Zonda R. Due to the body of carbon fiber Zonda Uno has a low weight, in combination with the 690 hp twelve-cylinder engine gives it incredible speed characteristics. Alas, the exact data about the parameters of the machine are unknown, but almost certainly, Uno can claim to be one of the fastest cars. It seems that the Qatari royal family is going to organize the race in exclusive supercars. At their disposal is already Koenigsegg CCXR, painted in exactly the same blue color. Under the cut - amateur video shooting exclusive car made in the streets of Modena.


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