Zonda Tricolore - the only one of its kind

As of sverhredkoy machines released only five copies, to make even more of a rare beast? The answer is - make a special issue, but in the amount of one car. This is what the Italian supercar manufacturer Pagani, releasing the Zonda Tricolore. The car is named after the famed squadron Frecce Tricolori, well known to many Russians for his stunning performances at the Moscow International Air Show. The car is based on Zonda Cinque, but in comparison with the original it has undergone some changes. Titanium-carbon housing remains the same, only changed coloring - bright blue lacquer with red, white and green stripes. The machine is also characterized by triangular rear air intakes and unique LED headlamps. The only copy of the Zonda Tricolore will be sold for 1, 3 million. Euro. It is expected that the car will be unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show.


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