P. Diddy drank with friends at £ 80,000


rapper P. Diddy, known for his passion to overspend, tucked in his belt of our compatriots on the costs of alcohol. The prestigious London nightclub Whisky Mist, a favorite institution of Princes William and Harry, he squandered four hours to drink more than 80 thousand pounds. Hip-hop mogul and 70 of his friends, among whom were his colleagues on the shop floor MIA and Kelly Rowland, occupied the VIP-lounge at the club. For cocktails Whisky Mist Ace Of Spades took £ 61 000. This was followed by 10 more cocktails Chalice, served in silver cups. After them - "quadruped" cocktails that bring dancers accompanied by a piper. Each drink cost £ 2100, and Diddy ordered ten of them. The amount of the check, of course, is impressive, but when you consider the number of mouths to feed at the party - spending rapper not look so fantastic.


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