How do I change the photo without Photoshop? (18 photos)

Interesting question, but the tradition to change the image appeared much earlier than the computer. Take, for example, the work of French photographer of the 19th century Gustave Le Gray.
Using available technology in its time to get a clear picture and the clouds and the landscape in the foreground was impossible.
But he found a way out - combined the sky with one negative and the other shore. Get the perfect picture.

Collage, 1888

Nikolai Antipov, Joseph Stalin, Sergei Kirov, Nikolay Shvernik and Nikolai Komarov, Leningrad, 1926 (unknown photographer)

Nikolai Antipov, Joseph Stalin, Sergei Kirov Nikolai Shvernik, 1926

Joseph Stalin, Sergei Kirov Nikolai Shvernik, 1926

Joseph Stalin and Sergei Kirov, 1926. Published in the book "Joseph Stalin. Curriculum Vitae "(Moscow, 1949)

The artist Max Ernst, 1946

Portrait of an unknown woman with a ghost, 1862-1875

The man in the foreground and clear images in the church, 1850

Media mogul William Hearst rises above the crowd, 1929

Untitled, 1976

Cat + n 1932

Leap into the Void, 1960

Incredible meeting 1914

Room with an eye 1930

Untitled 1969

Advertising companies Texaco Inc., 1957

Pond 1904

Man in a Bottle, 1988



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