The researchers confirmed the discovery of the Higgs boson

Scientists at the CERN laboratory in Geneva, working with the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) at the last conference in Italy have announced that they have found in July 2012, is the Higgs boson particle.
Identification of particles detected in the course of the LHC, lasted more than six months, and only now, scientists announced the results of their research and measurement. According to information received, the spin of the particle found consistent with the proposed characteristics of the Higgs boson. Spin - it's own angular momentum of the particle, the quantum is strictly a concept that can not be explained by the usual terms.

In addition to the spin on the "divinity" of the particle and indicates its weight - about 126 GeV, which is also consistent with the theoretical performance of the desired boson.

New bosons?

Two groups of scientists engaged in research at the LHC, - CMS and Atlas, have done a tremendous amount of work processed in two and a half times more information than they had at the time of opening of the boson in July 2012, but they still are not sure, than would be found of the particle.

The fact is that theorists predict the existence of different types of the Higgs boson, and yet it is unclear what type of particle is found. While scientists refer to it as simply "boson-like Higgs boson," and they have a lot of work ahead before they can overcome the uncertainty in the determination of its findings. In-depth study of the properties of the future boson should help accurately identify it. In the meantime, all the arguments about the possible existence of the Higgs boson options - just a hypothesis, not yet confirmed experimentally, albeit quite popular.

Many scholars suggest that the "God particle" may have up to five options, including quite "exotic" for modern science. However, in order to check for sure, will need a few years of calculations and working tank, which, by the way, is closed for a two-year renovation.

What will happen next?

For years, the whole world, with bated breath, watching the hard work of the LHC. The value of possible discoveries is that in the case of complete identification of the Higgs boson to its creators practically guaranteed a Nobel Prize, and the physics will step to the next level, opening up spaces for new discoveries, even more ambitious and mysterious.


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