Stereo Camera Kyuriositi help look for water on Mars

NASA experts found that mounted on the rover Kyuriositi Mastcam camera can be used to search for water on Mars composed of hydrated minerals.
It mastcam be suitable for search of water /
Mastcam camera consists of two megapixel color cameras, one of which is a narrow-angle camera on a high resolution, and the second - Wide. Each of them is capable of capturing high-resolution video, and together they let you receive the stereo.

It Mastcam at the time provided the first 360-degree color panorama of the terrain around the rover.

As described in NASA, the camera is not designed as a tool to search for water, but the survey found that its images in the near-infrared range, scientists can change the relative brightness to detect minerals containing water.

"So, we can use it as a prospecting tool ... to do a 360-degree panorama photo (and search for water)," - said Melissa Rice, who has participated in the design of the camera.


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