In the United States successfully grow a transgenic plant

Scientists from the US for the first time to grow plants with a high content of fat and other "energy-intensive" connections.
Caterpillars devour transgenic plant grew faster /
According to geneticists from the University of Michigan, this technique of growing plants can be used for the production of biofuels or as fodder sverhkaloriynogo

"If we learn how to extract the oil from the leaves, stems and seeds, the potential energy" capacity "of the plant can be doubled. Moreover, if we make the vegetation to produce fat permanently, and not only under adverse conditions, such plants can replace traditional crops, "- said the head of the research team Christoph Benning.

Benning and his colleagues created the first plant, which is able to 'store' of nutrients in fats. Scientists have experimented with unique genes found in the cells of green algae.

According to biologists, the peculiarity of primitive algae is that their genomes still contain typical of their ancestors among the simplest genes that have more complex flora are missing or damaged.

After analyzing the genomes of several species of algae, the researchers found five genes in them, which contain instructions for the synthesis of fats. Then they tried to genetics inserted into the plant genome of Arabidopsis. After a long series of experiments Benning and his colleagues managed to successfully integrate a single gene out of five.


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