People hawala: MasterGRAFF Double Tourbillon

"An hour with bryulikami" heartthrob Arab sheikhs and rap stars, is one of the main topics for okolochasovyh banter on the forums. Causes of malice on the part of lovers of fine mechanics, think no need to explain. Nevertheless, the brilliant things with seven-digit price tags on the fly "Hurrah." Therefore, the Swiss masters comes at a time shoot his sense of beauty far away and do that "People hawala". A new "bling-bling» - MasterGRAFF Double Tourbillon - brilliantly told blogger swiss_4asovoy. Do not hold out on the reprint it, do not be afraid of this word, the study of the historical roots of this style. Writer flavored amusing conspiracy and design elements of an alternative reality, which also delivers: the birth of the great brand watches GRAFF could predshevstvovat following conversation in the marketing department: - Cho for business on? Everything is made of diamond paving - Cartier shmorte, Hubli-shmublo - and we, Cho? No jewelry firm on? - Let's do the same. - Giving you girls will be on. You figure out how to wash them all how to beat on! - Hmm, maybe tourbillon vherachit? Neatly, Intermedia bagetikov. - Two! Two tourbillon! - Excuse me, but why two? - And why the second letter «F» in the word GRAFF? To be cool! I got it on? - Got it, all done! Hours MasterGRAFF Double Tourbillon called the quintessential style of Bling. The highest point beyond which surely follow fading. Exit era. Incidentally, the nonsense that invented Bling black rappers. Back in those days, when all the benchmarks have worked in the cotton fields, a start in life style that gave a brilliant son turetskopoddannogo during his historic leap across the Romanian border. And the word "branzuletka" is the most accurate translation in the Bling Russian. And by the way. By the way! If we compare the history, fashion watch with diamond stone blocks preceded by a fashion for paving slabs in Moscow, and now we are seeing the extinction of two parallel trends. Those who think that they are not linked, badly wrong. Original post


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