Artificial intelligence is equal to the human - reality

Computers with processors that mimic the process of cognition, perception and capacity for action of the human brain, is now closer than ever. On Wednesday, IBM introduced the first generation of chips, which are computers will work. Almost three years after IBM and several of its partner universities have been awarded a grant from the US Agency Defense Advanced Research Projects
recreation abilities of the brain in perception, cognition, feelings, interactions and ability to act, as well as an imitation of its size and low power consumption.
According to IBM objective of the project - to create a system that will not only analyze the complex information from different sources at once, and be able to dynamically rewrite itself to optimize the interaction with the environment. And the system should be compact and consumes a minimum of energy.

The result of three years of work became a cognitive chip in which the calculation process is carried out by means of neural connections, memory is represented in the form of synapses and axons in the form of communication. The chips contain no biological elements, the company said, but have digital silicon circuits.

While it is too early to talk about what applications will run on the new chips, the makers suggest that the device will be used in programs that could analyze financial markets with maximum precision and attention to control the global supply of water and to track and report information on such things as wave height, ocean tides, water temperature, and even a tsunami warning.

Analysts also believe that the new invention can be found much more potential applications. For example, devices running on these chips could be used in the field of earthquakes and be our eyes and ears when searching for people. And also widely used in health care.


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