Replica of "Titanic" set sail in 2016

Australian billionaire Clive Palmer announced its intention in 2016 into the water a replica of the legendary ship "Titanic." Construction of "Titanic II» will begin soon at one of China's shipyards. According to Palmer, a replica of the deceased liner repeat his route - from the English Southampton to New York. As told billionaire, more than 40 thousand people have already expressed an interest in unusual cruise. "Titanic-II», despite the exact resemblance to its historical prototype, will be equipped with the latest technology. First of all, all modern systems of salvation, which did not have much on the first ship. Appear as new facilities that did not exist at the beginning of the last century, such as air conditioners. However, passengers will have to emulate their predecessors died: dress code for "Titanic II» will be in the spirit of the era. "" Titanic "ship called dreams - says Palmer. - It will be a replica of the ship on which these dreams come true. "


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