The American ignored in solitary confinement (3 photos)

59-year-old American, Stephen Slevin (Stephen Slevin), in 2005 he was arrested for drunk driving.
Pending the investigation, he spent 22 months in solitary confinement in prison in New Mexico.
The man all this time was in terrible unhygienic conditions. In addition, detainees are not taken to wash, why his body was covered with purulent wounds.
Patients had to pull teeth to, because he was not provided medical care. And worst of all, was diagnosed - lung cancer.
Live it remained for about a year. As a result, all charges against him were dropped. The Commission of Inquiry, in prison was opened a number of violations, in particular turned out,
that the prison authorities have the means for medical and other assistance to the prisoners, the funds for these needs were doubled just in 2005, when Slevin went to prison.
No employee of prison staff was not fired because of negligent treatment to the prisoner.
However, Stephen Slevin won a court in the case and received one of the largest compensation among prisoners in the US - 15, $ 5 million.
That's just life for the money will not return.




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