Pamukkale (Pamukkale) - a place that connects beauty, antiquity and medicinal properties

Pamukkale (Pamukkale) - a modest-sized village, which is located approximately 10 minutes from Istanbul hours or 5 hours from Antalya. This place is famous all over the world thanks to the amazing natural phenomenon ....

For hundreds, maybe thousands of years from the slopes of the neighborhood beat a hot spring that was so rich in calcium, which cools, it solidifies, forming a beautiful snow-white travertine and marvelous undulating stages.

Visiting Pamukkale (Pamukkale), a person may feel on a snowy plain at the height of the southern summer. In accordance with the dowry in these sources bathed Cleopatra herself, and now this pleasure is available to almost everyone, alas, but it's not free and you can swim not everywhere, because most of these wonderful formations protected.

Pamukkale (Pamukkale) is famous not only for the beauty of white travertine, but even here there are the ruins of Hierapolis, which existed approximately 3000 years ago. It is unlikely that the remains of streets, temples and an amphitheater, which are located nearby travertine leave anyone indifferent. All this is so surprising that many a time they find that they sleep and they are just dreams. Do you think the uniqueness of Pamukkale ends on the fact that this place combines antiquity and natural beauty, there ....

The thing is that the springs of Pamukkale have miraculous properties, and they are treated and rejuvenate. It has long been proved that the thermal waters of the place can cure rickets, rheumatism, cardiovascular, skin, nervous and gastrointestinal diseases. Water Pamukkale will win psoriasis, lumbago, eczema, relieve fatigue and overcome stress. As for the water temperature, it is 36 degrees, a person can turn to professionals who from 17 species, existing thermal waters will pick up exactly the source that will help improve his health.

In short, Pamukkale - unearthly beauty, on the foundation of which is the ancient ruins that his power and even more unusual surprise and amaze the mind of modern man.


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