The most beautiful women of the Olympics

Games in Sochi worth watching at least because they involve these beauties. I propose to admire the athletes from different countries. These girls prove once again that professional sports and beauty can successfully complement each other. Silje Norendal, snowboarding, Norway.

Darya Domracheva, biathlon, Belarus.

Torah Bright, snowboarding, Australia.

Kim Yuna, figure skating, South Korea.

Kiira Korpi, figure skating, Finland.

Hilary Knight, Ice Hockey, USA.

Gabriela Soukalová, biathlon, Czech Republic.

Tina Maze, snowboarding, Slovenia.

Teresa Yohaug, skiing, Norway.

Clara krizovoe, skiing, Czech Republic.

Anna Feninger, skiing, Austria.

Jamie Anderson, Snowboarding, USA.



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