Facts about the effects of the opening of the Olympic Games

With the help of a grand pageant, the use of complex technical mechanisms, computers and nearly 3,000 actors during the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games in Sochi was shown the whole history of Russia. Presentation lasted 2, 5:00.

Organizers of the event said that the ceremony was unique in that for the first time at the opening of the so-used airspace. Viewers showed not only the earth, but also heaven. For the opening ceremony of the Olympic Stadium "Fischt" was completely rebuilt. Work carriages with decorations was calculated on the basis of changing the height of the dome (the difference of a few tens of meters) - at the same time moving the scenery at the same level.

By the way, the scenery began to make the opening of 3-4 months before the ceremony. This, in addition to Russia, were involved in a lot of countries, including USA, Canada, England, Australia, the Netherlands and Sweden.

For example, in parts, which shows the first third of the XX century (industrialization), used 72 sets and 817 moving actors. Height tractors - from 4 to 6 meters, length - up to 12 meters, weight - about a ton. Each of the designs of this part of the gear in motion 2-4 people.

Flying famous statue Worker and Collective Farm did in Holland. Inflatable structures made of synthetic fabric, their shape is maintained 7-11 of industrial fans.

Admiration of the audience and caused drifting island with Russian landscapes. At length they reached the construction up to 26 meters. Their foundation made metal constructions, the surface of islands made of lightweight foam and hand-decorated by artists and is located within the complex technical stuffing. Each moving element Islands (dogs, horses, and so on. D.) Are managed separately. In the island "Kamchatka" to display erupting volcano used lamps and steam.

Huge three horses became one of the most technically sophisticated designs. Her weight - 9 tons. At length it was 23 meters in height - 20 design makes in Sweden, and had to use to demonstrate the underground military base (the only place where it could be done in an atmosphere of secrecy, given the huge size).

Many noted realistic "behavior" of the huge Olympic mascots - Bears skating, Bunny skiing, snowboarding Leopard. They were made in Melbourne, Australia. Each of the figures stood on the vehicle, inside which there is at least 2 people - the driver and the "puppeteer". To facilitate the work of the last mascots were equipped with multiple cameras, and for the movement of the joints meet motors. Even when the "puppeteer" did not do anything, the figures seemed alive, as by means of compressed air from the cylinder to mimic their breath.

However, the main participants of the ceremony - the people. Interestingly, the girls who played the main character Love (there were two) selected from more than 8,000 contestants, the parents of one of them - ordinary taxi drivers.

In the episode "Fair" was attended by over 500 people, and its staging led by one of the best choreographers in the world. To synchronize and control the artists use a wireless headset. In the "ball of Natasha" the main actors were the 5 most famous artists of the Russian Ballet, and in a three-minute video starring the most famous Russian actors of theater and cinema, including Nikita Mikhalkov and Konstantin Habensky. By the way, the whole environment in the video was a virtual one, moreover, were not real, and a few rowers in the boat.

In many episodes were broadcast on polstadiona different images (especially realistic was the sea). This work was carried out to 120 projectors. For example, the projection of photos of the member countries of the cosmos had dimensions of 100 x 60 meters. Ramp, from whence come the artists and sportsmen, opens in just 17 seconds, and some scenery on the stage below "delivered" special elevators.

Another piece that will complement the overall picture, special steel "coin" that got all 40 000 spectators. They were hidden 5 bright LEDs, as well as an infrared transmitter, which receives signals from a special spotlight on the dome, controlling the operation of medals - color backlight, switching on and off the LEDs.

The opening ceremony was attended by more than 2,000 extras, for their precise actions to mark up on stage. By the opening were made for more than 3000 costumes, some of them were using LEDs (the scene with the Russian flag). Interestingly, the issue of "Dove", where the soloist Diana Vishneva used 40 LED designs, which "feed" the battery on the backs of dancers.

Most of the props used in a room «XX Century", where people are kept more than 100 objects in his hands. Policeman, played by boxer and deputy Nikolai Valuev (211 cm height), to "manage" the movement of motorcycles and cars. Each bike was equipped with an additional support system of actors, which was created individually for each participant. Almost all the cars in this room were real (except for two "Cossacks" at the end), and ruled them their real owners.



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