5 golden rules of business:

1. Money forward.

The basic rule of business - money in advance. Remember that no matter what happens, how would you not persuaded to wait, do not agree - you should receive the money in advance. When you come into the store, you will sell no bread or vodka in debt. Pay the money and use on health.

There is a famous phrase said by one of the oligarchs - "Business trust ends with blood." Therefore, separate business and everyday life. Do not be afraid to seem greedy or cheapskate - act according to the rules of business.

2. An interesting idea.

Your business should be an interesting idea. Interesting not only for you personally, but also for others.

3. Implementation of the commitments.

Always perform what we promise - depends on your reputation and the fate of your business. Follow the promise, even if it would lead to financial losses. It is better to lose money than reputation.

4. One owner.

Any business, launched in partnership, will sooner or later lead to controversy. And then begin serious difficulties. Start business section - and here have cut "in living." The best way out - to start a business alone. If this is not possible - should produce section at the initial stage. Otherwise, you can lose not only a partner, but also business, and often life.

5. Paper.

All its agreements with business partners, suppliers, customer is required to be documented. Do not think that "this is such a good man - he can not cheat." If you do not enter into agreements documented - sooner or later you will lose not only money, but also business.

Observing the 5 golden rules of business you are sure will succeed!


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