The US Army is funding the development of unmanned trucks

In January of this year, the company Lockheed Martin at the site of Fort Hood in Texas провела test system Autonomous Mobility Appliqué System (AMAS), which is designed to convert any army truck in unmanned vehicle. The system is being developed within the 11 million contract signed in 2012. Once installed on a conventional truck set of sensors and control systems, it can completely autonomously navigate the roads, including urban, avoid obstacles, to respond to the appearance of pedestrians and other vehicles. If necessary, they can be controlled remotely.

Several unmanned trucks can move the column. The main threat to the convoys in areas of combat operations - mines, improvised explosive devices and suicide bombers. Autonomous trucks will be able to deliver the goods without risking life drivers. Just like in vehicles, which develops Google, unmanned truck is guided in space using lidar.

Lockheed Martin already has experience in the development of autonomous military vehicles, though on a smaller scale. Squad Mission Support System ( SMSS ), shestikolёsny autonomous rover to transport ammunition, equipment and ammunition to small units has already passed field tests in Afghanistan. He is able to follow the soldiers in the fully automatic mode, go on a given route or controlled remotely via satellite.

Army industrialized countries increasingly robotiziruyutsya. Drones no one is surprised. South Korean border guard robots Gunners production Samsung. According to Scott Hartley, co-founder and chief engineer of the company 5D Robotics, by 2023 at a US Army soldier будет account dozen different robots - from intelligence and cargo to combat.



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