Lake Pichola and the City Palace of Udaipur in India (42 photos)

Known blogger visited India and made very beautiful pictures of Lake Pichola and the City Palace of Udaipur.
Take a look at this beauty, and read the comments of the author.

In India, the author came to the presentation of elite cognac Louis XIII Rare cask, which he will tell us more.

Razhdastan - one of the states of India, not so dirty and littered such as Delhi. From the airport we went to the hotel Leela palace in Udaipur:

Network of hotels owned by a wealthy Indian family. One that Udaipur is located on the shore of the lake to get to it, you have to swim to the boat. Service, of course, at the height of: fifteen meters from the car to the boat each guest was accompanied by a special person with an umbrella from the sun:

We sailed past Maharana Palace - a great warrior. Not to be confused with the Maharaja - Grand Duke. Both - the highest titles in India:

In our hotel guess some similarities to the palace opposite:

The hotel is located on Lake Pichola - one of the most beautiful lakes in Rajasthan. Once a small lake was artificially extended the first ruler of Uday and today covers an area of ​​8 square meters. km. Later rulers built dams and canals that divert water during the monsoon, so Pichola always remains calm and quiet:

In addition to people with umbrellas, we were met by the musicians on national instruments:

Then there was an energetic buffet. As a person engaged in the restaurant business, I studied with interest the neat tables, which were set up at the event. Actually, they are arranged immediately compactly collected. Very convenient:

Pour only XO, VSOP and Cointreau:

From around the world were invited to the presentation of 80 people from Russia were six. They were mostly shopkeepers, restaurant chains, etc. Approximately 30 people were from China, because China, as though it may sound strange, is half the market elite cognac. That's how:

At dusk began to light fires:

After that, we swam in the Palace Maharana. We were greeted with champagne and waiters grandiose setting:

One of the bottles of Louis XIII - not the one for which we have arrived, as usual. Although, perhaps, hardly a normal bottle of cognac for 100 000 rubles. By the way, the prototype of the bottle became a royal flask which accidentally found in 1850 on the site of the battle between Catholics and Protestants in the town Zhernak in France.

Then came the Maharana himself in a carriage:

We were greeted by Dominique Dubreuil Eryar - head of the house Remy Martin and Maharana:

Chinese meticulously recorded every moment:

Then there was dinner, during which constantly occur entertainment action. There were Indian acrobats, but they looked, frankly not impressive. The Chinese probably had a good laugh:

Then Maharana left the evening, having left on the rarity Rolls-Royce:

The next day I went to the palace to inspect it more closely and in the light of:

Of course, then give tours. Controller at the entrance:

Our guide:

It seemed to me that all these palaces are interesting for excursions and walks, but they photogenic little:

Earlier Maharana enjoyed pigeon post, and contained a special room with birds. When I asked where the pigeons now, the guide took out a mobile phone and showed:

Plan of the upper floor of the palace, made by technology of the ancient 3D:

A lot of different prints and drawings, traced to the smallest detail:

View from the balcony (bottom right was the presentation) and photographs of the city:

As usual for India - people living on top of each other:

Lake Palace - hotel of white marble, located on the island:

One of the previous Maharana voluntarily handed over power to the Government of India:

And it scales - once a year Maharana donated to the poor as much gold as weighed myself:



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