King Ink entire Earth 03/05/2013

The most tattooed man Great Britain spent more than 300 hours in the chair and paid nearly forty thousand dollars for something to decorate your body figures.

33-year-old man and changed his name to the king of extreme body art, abbreviated King Inkland (Inkland). Nee Matthew Whelan says that body modification is a culture, a way of life, and almost religion. With the help of body art people can tell the world about their beliefs in paints. A man working as a volunteer in the office of the Liberal Democratic Party in Birmingham.
"I respect immensely story modifiers. This arts and culture, and when a group of children looking at me in the street, I stop and talk to them. I tell them the story of body art. I and people like me believe that our body - the temple. Just as Christians have Jesus, we have our body & quot ;, - says Whelan.
He says he first wanted to put on his body tattoos at age nine, when he saw them from his father and uncle. His first tattoo enthusiast, made at the age of 16 years. Among the figures, covering 80 percent of his body, there are snakes, scorpions, eyeballs and vampires, and one of the man's eyes covered with a special white paint.

"I am fully aware of the risks for my eyes. Before doing this, I turned to oftalmolagam and listened to some opinions, "- he said.
Man created his own non-profit organization called "Changes", which helps people with body modification to get a job.

For me it's a way of life. I have a personal faith in the beauty of the skin and body. I do not understand why anyone should be discriminated against just because it does not look like the others. Therefore, I want to help these people & quot ;, - he said.
Former wrestler currently working model modifier.
"When I die, I want my body to a museum or a member of my family. Someone from Canada have asked me my skull, to use it as a bank for paint "- said Matthew.


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