Tulou of Fujian Province (24 photos)

Around the 12th century, people from the province of Fujian, in China have decided that their homes are not sufficient protection to them during the civil wars and raids by armed gangs that are rampant in the area for hundreds of years. Families have joined forces to create Tuloyu (Tulou). This new type of structure that could protect lives and property from attack.

Like any good idea, the idea of ​​a large, enclosed fortified building has been used for centuries. However, advances in technology have allowed the construction of communities to create a safe space for the thick walls the height of five stories.

Each tuloyu has all the facilities to support the life of the population. There are warehouses, wells and destinations. In fact tuloyu quickly evolved into small Chinese fortress of 4-8 buildings.

The walls reach a thickness of 3 meters, the gap is not there. In order to ensure maximum strength, the walls were built of a combination of materials. In them you will find the stone, wood, bamboo and much more. Imagine that such a wall easily withstood a direct shot from a cannon.

Most tuloyu round or rectangular shape. Surprisingly, in a mountainous region, these structures are well windy, which provides residents comfortable behind the walls of the fortifications.


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