Stafford named Nanny.

I myself am not a fan of dogs fighting breeds. But recently heard the story, after which firmly thoughtful.

Lived in the same household Stafford named Nanny. She was a general favorite. Knew and performed a surprising number of teams. The dog was a family pride.

One day in the house have a baby. Nannie adored him. Looked at through the eyes of a human child in love. Constantly trying to stay near the cot, as if guarding the baby.

Soon most Nanny appeared puppies. Dog straight torn between their own offspring and human. Stafford also all paid attention to the baby, can not do it with their warmth and affection. Adoration of the dog turned into a loss of distant acquaintances of the family: "How is it, in fact Stafford - a dog killer ?!". And some are just jealous. Not every dog ​​owner (regardless of breed dog) boasts four-legged nurse - defender.

One happy family interrupted. At night, a fire broke out in the house. Unfortunately firefighters arrived late. The house remained baby and Nannie with puppies.

Heartbroken parents understand that none of the rescuers did not go into the epicenter of the flame to save their child. They wanted themselves to get into the building, but they were stopped. Suddenly, out of the house appeared Nanny with a child in his mouth. Between salvation and the human child of their own, she chose the former. Send their children to parents, Nanny rushed back for their pups, but never came back ...



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