Bright Star Transformation

New 2014 year only comes into its own legitimate rights, so we shamelessly continue to break some rules and apply to the year past, the results of which in the form of the most prominent star changes on the face, body, and other visible external parts, in this post .

Long-suffering darling once pyshechka and Christina Aguilera have suffered considerably from "well-wishers". In 2012, she traveled like on the battlefield, getting under attack by critics who did not miss the opportunity to be sarcastic about the excess weight of the singer. Particularly active in this regard has been known to us Kelly Osbourne.

"I always thought Aguilera rubbish. It is many years called me fat years, which is now her turn to come. Everything in life comes back, fat bitch! »

Well now Christina certainly not fat, and certainly not the one whom Kelly called her kindness.

In its classic Beyonce at all times - shiny curls just below the shoulders. In 2013, at a time of recording a new album and shooting just 17 video clips (that's it, of course, issued) BBC made a fashionable elongated square. As live "Bee" was used to shake the hair, this option is not approached her. On stage, it is not impressive.

Miranda Lambert in Russia know the minimum number of people, but it can be even more than her namesake Adam had to work on his appearance last year. Country singer slimmed down quite a bit, but somehow sparked rumors liposaktsiiyu

"And I lost weight the old-fashioned»

This is how myths are crumbling.

Those who waited for Kim Kardashian to the birth of his daughter, so to speak, gone mad, left holding the bag. It not only was a revelation in their clothes and dyed blonde, but swung out to Beyonce to sing. Kanye West has confirmed that his beloved is preparing to record their debut album, and assured everyone that she was much steeper than Beyonce. His (similar already bosom) each Jay-Z just grinned in response.

Promo-tour of new «Hunger Games» Jennifer Lawrence was marked by a change of hairstyle. After all the twists and turns hair (and last year it was painted, even in blue-black) actress could not do it. Boldly, but very harmonious.

It seems an eternity Brad Pitt took place, like a yeti, but the 50th anniversary decided prihoroshitsya. He trimmed, shaved, and his word again 35.

Pamela Anderson finally left behind their sensational image of "Redemptrix Malibu" and make a stylish short haircut, becoming resemble a certain angle, of course, Charlize Theron. Incidentally, such a comparison it should be very flattering. Theron never trailed in the wake of any public fashion lists.

Mrs. Teak, Paula Patton, prefer long hair practical quads. In the wake of the success of her husband, whom she often accompanies, just need to look suitable, for young and revolves around Robin (immediately comes to mind is the most brisk - Miley Cyrus).

Him she seemed a girl, and that girl was 42 ... Jada Pinkett Smith at any age can surprise her husband Will, which is undoubtedly a good and powerful because, in spite of the rumors, their family is still strong.

And how is it her all to face? Natalie Portman and her new hairstyle can be left without comment.

As explained by one of the editions of the stylist Katy Perry, Johnny Vudzhek, this girl wants to be a unique and elegant at the same time, so no matter how ridiculous, absurd and sometimes incredible hairstyles you may have seen on her little head, it still remains true to the black color.

Selena Gomez as the press noticed, over the past year not only lost weight, but also became stupid. And why? Yes, because back to Justin Bieber, who just a week ago said that they have not communicated, and communicate in the near future are not going to. Apparently the couple spent New Year so well that decided to come together to celebrate.

But Elisabeth Moss does not clog your mind such trifles as the relationship, and famously worked on the series "Mad Men." In 2013, she and her hairdresser agreed ... but only to make Lizzie's hair a few shades darker.


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