The New Kros Mini 4000 Puff - First Look

The Buzz aroundKROS Vape 4000 Our devices produce a gentle, flavorful vapor, ensuring a smooth experience. Such attributes have won over many loyal customers who frequently commend the superior quality of our vapes. Thanks to its affordability paired with excellence, Kros Mini often finds itself out of stock. The diverse flavor profile it boasts further adds to its allure.

A Palette of Flavors with KROS MINI Vape: Kros 4000 stands out, offering an array of delightful flavors, making every puff a journey:
  • Grape Ice: Experience the refreshing taste of vineyard-fresh grapes, complemented by a dash of menthol.
  • Mixed Berries: Crave a fruity punch without the minty residue? Dive into this summer fruit melody.
  • Peach Ice: Envision a blend of luscious peaches and rejuvenating mint – an antidote to the scorching heat.
  • Sour Apple Ice: Elevating the time-honored green apple flavor with an invigorating menthol twist.
  • Spearmint: For those who prefer subtlety, the marriage of gentle spearmint and menthol offers a day-long vaping pleasure.
  • Straw Kiwi Ice: Imagine a sugar-free kiwi-strawberry beverage with a menthol undertone. That's Straw Kiwi Ice for you.
  • Watermelon Candy: Perfect for the sweet-toothed, this flavor captures the essence of watermelon candy.

With such a rich palette, it's no wonder consumers repeatedly opt for Kros Mini.
Vaping Pleasures Await Your Patrons Customer contentment is paramount. We recognize that. Hence, we're committed to delivering only the best. The KROS Mini is synonymous with smooth, gratifying pulls – a feature that ensures customer loyalty. The diverse flavors further ensure an unforgettable vaping journey.
Compact in design yet generous in its offerings – from bountiful puffs to an assortment of flavors – the Kros 4000 Mini sets itself apart. Crafted with precision, it promises an unadulterated vaping experience.
Affordability and Simplicity CombinedThe Kros Mini epitomizes both ease of use and affordability. Pre-charged and primed for immediate use, this device promises several days of seamless vaping. Not only is it budget-friendly, but its growing demand makes it a must-have for every Vape Shop in Tampa. Given the rising costs of traditional cigarettes, the Kros Mini offers an economical and superior alternative for consumers.
In today's landscape, where traditional smoking becomes increasingly pricey, vaping emerges as the wallet-friendly alternative.