Stylish Men

These men fascinate women, not relying on only one star status and your bank account. They pay special attention to their appearance and always look great. Charisma is made up of many factors - and the ability to put on here is not in last place! Who of celebrities male distinctive sense of style?

Asher, one of the kings of R & B, prefers to create its unique combination of high fashion and street style.

Robert Pattinson prefers typical British style that makes it recognizable throughout.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt has a unique sense of style and fashion because handles easily and freely.

Justin Bieber pays special attention to his appearance, and his haircut has become a cult object.

Ian Somerhalder has an impressive arsenal of hats, Theodore, who constantly and with pleasure is.

Zac Efron is no longer a boy, but a man - and not surprisingly, graced the cover GQ.

The despot and dictator in the world of fashion, Tom Ford is not less demanding and their appearance. He is truly flawless.

Justin Timberlake was the first mixed classical and hip-hop clothing - and very successfully. This guy has a sense of style in the blood!

Elegant English style of Jude Law - is the style of a true gentleman.

Russell Brand wears very extravagant, but nonetheless with great taste.

Whatever may be said about the game David Beckham, in the choice of clothes he knows misses.

Ryan Reynolds prefers discreet but impeccable style.

Bradley Cooper is always dressed to the nines, elegant and catchy.

Taylor Lautner, despite his youth, does not need lessons in style and fashion.

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