From boys to man

Sooner or later all grow. Yesterday the boy becomes a man, and yesterday the girl transforms into a woman. This is how a "mere mortals" and with the inhabitants of heaven, that is with the elite of society - popular actors and singers. Most of the men in this collection recognized that feel much more attractive, becoming older, because at a young age, they were not sure of themselves, and some even suffer from complexes. And looking at the photos of today's handsome, you know why ... and why Hollywood is made from ordinary boys (boys) loved by millions of macho with glitz and glamor, so that they lacked ...

There were no signs, "trouble", because Taylor Lautner was so nice, that about any male sexuality and even beauty is not out of the question, but "Twilight" changed everything. Yes, but only to show in this film his inflated body and flex his muscles, he could charm the young age of many girls. He grew up kid, but he was still only 20, so if you do not slow down the pace, it will probably be one of sekssimvolom coming years (a decade or a century, I think he can not wipe ...).

A terrible haircut, but the burning eyes already rehearsed. Yes, over the years, Jude Law prettier very, very, very much. Well done!

Ashton Kutcher was always a kid with yumorkom, but if a young man emotions perehlёstyvali, then 12 years after the movie "Dude, Where's My Car?", He became more reserved. Regarding the appearance he was not very much and changed. All the same look and chiseled chin beard is the truth in 2000, he did not let go. Style is also undergone changes.

Clumsy and awkward bit of Robert Pattinson from the "Harry Potter" became the idol of girls throughout the world thanks to "Twilight." This once again proves that everyone loves vampires!

Shia La Boeuf in 2004, Shia La Boeuf in 2012 are almost indistinguishable from each other. The similarity in everything, and the difference only in hairstyle - Shia over the years has lost a lot of his mop of curls, and, of course, clothing. I must admit that it has become a very sexy, especially in the latest "Transformers", although personally I never much liked.

Several years ago, Justin Timberlake did a haircut, getting rid of the curls and restoring natural hair color, and completely changed wardrobe. Now the boy from 2000 was not to know 31-year-old Justin was a real man who will soon become her husband. At the moment, and the type of activity he changed - today it is more actor than singer.

Zac Efron fans probably are not eager to return to his favorite 17 years since Now Zack looks much better than a couple of years ago. The first thing that catches your eye - a teeth (Zach got rid shcherbinki), well then everything else. During the years in Hollywood he became more courageous and let that mush teenagers sometimes breaks out, but now it is less sugary.

Global changes have been, but nonetheless present David Beckham does not go to any comparison with a sample of a football player in 1997. Naturally, when David was better known as a master of the ball, and now he is known as one of the most beautiful, stylish and successful men. The rich and famous, David is now 37 years old and only as Adonis in the world it will not name. Man with a capital letter!

In fact, George Clooney was not always ideal. He's like a fine wine over the years only get better and better, better and better ... I hope that it continues still enough time until he settled down and did not marry a woman who will give him an heir.

Who would have thought that a man with a smile all the envy, once suffered from the complex on the curvature and yellowing of their teeth ... But Tom Cruise to look knew the impact that everything is temporary and one day he will accumulate money for braces and nakonets then go to the dentist on tooth whitening.

Christian Bale I like the fact that it's incredibly charismatic. In appearance, he is not particularly impressed me, but looking at the "Prestige" I was convinced that he was an actor and talented man and wherever it. The first picture, the patient narcological dispensary, but the second - a Hollywood star.

Clive Owen. I matured, but the look was all the same ... As the soul looks.

On the one hand hilarious, and the other looks frighteningly blond Daniel Craig with his blue, almost glassy eyes, but it has changed in 10 years and the first photo - it's just a reminder of the past. Yes, now it is clearly steeper.

Over time, the look of Jake Gyllenhaal appeared flame, but otherwise he's the same cute boy.

In a recent interview with Ryan Reynolds has admitted that in 20 years he looked awful. It was not clear facial hair and tons of gel on the hair. I do not know how old Ryan on the first photo, but on the second he looks several times better. I do not know that it has changed, but definitely a lot, because if not, he would not have looked so cool.

Will Smith even with such a questionable hairstyle manages to stay charming. Now from the last haircut is no trace, and it is even more charming. I can not believe that Smith has 43 ...

Daniel Radcliffe. 2002 and 2012: feel the difference.


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