House with Chimeras 01/23/2013

Once lived in Kiev at the turn of 19-20 centuries, a very successful businessman of Polish origin, and at least a successful and well-known at the time the architect Vladislav Gorodetsky. His love of architecture and became the cause of the now famous buildings, the so-called "House with ChimerasĀ».

This building has long been a hallmark of the Kiev Art Nouveau. Gorodetsky built it as his own apartment house, are also planning to live in it with his family. And so to the style of the house, he had a special relationship

For the construction of Gorodetsky chose not the most convenient land - a steep cliff, and this was a source of inspiration for the architect. The building has grown like a castle on the hill, and modernist view of things allowed to use his bizarre appearance of interlocking shapes and lines, characteristic of the wild. Because of the nature, as well as tales and legends, and decorations that make the house got its name.

Big fan of hunting, Gorodetsky adorned the facade of the mansion of his images inspired by hunting motifs, he sat on the walls of buildings of all kinds of exotic animals and fantasy creatures.

In Soviet times, the "House with Chimeras" was difficult fate: first, communal, after - the location of certain institutions, clinics, was badly damaged during World War II ... In the late 1990s, the house was almost falling apart - piles that supported it is no longer handle the load, and the house burst and broke into two parts.


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