Small Semyachik volcano in Kamchatka (6 photos)

This small active Kamchatka volcano is different from the others by the presence of his fellow interesting poisonous lake of turquoise color in the crater. In the continuation of the post in more detail.

Such a strange color of the lake due to the high content of sulfuric, hydrochloric, hydrofluoric acids and other compounds.

The average temperature of the poisonous water of the lake is 30-40 ° C, the diameter is around half a kilometer, and reaches a depth of 140 meters.

The top of the Lesser Semyachik is at around 1560 meters, the volcano itself consists of three fused together cones forming at the top of a deep crater diameter crater about 700 meters.

The last eruption occurred in 1952 - then the resulting formed another small lake, do not differ in such an unusual color of the water and called the Trinity - the name of the crater in which it appeared.


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