Dinosaur eggs

Chechen paleontologists discovered the find, aged about 60 million years. In one of the mountainous areas of Chechnya found 40 fossilized spherical nodules protruding straight out of the rock. A detailed examination of scientists has shown that this giant reptile eggs - they viewed the shell of protein and zheltok.

"It's the eggs of herbivorous dinosaurs. As they reach the meter diameter, the other - two feet, some less, not more than 20 centimeters in diameter. They are all different, because usually around large dinosaurs have always settled small to giant carnivorous dinosaurs guarded by smaller herbivores "- says Magomed Alkhazurov, associate professor of economic and social geography CHGU.

To help paleontologists arrive Chechen colleagues from St. Petersburg. It is expected to conduct radiocarbon examination, following which it will be possible to argue that this is really an egg, which postponed the dinosaurs. Samples of fossils sent to a special laboratory in Yessentuki. See also: Before the Flood people were giants. Where did the strange sounds from the sky? Riddle celestial metal balls.

Source: www.aif.ua/society/news/47180


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