Strange ship

American division of Naval Research belongs to a rather strange oceanographic equipment, including swim platform Flip, created in the laboratory of Marine Research and Oceanography, University of California. Flip - it's not exactly a ship, although researchers are living and working on it for quite a long period of research in the open ocean. In fact, it is a huge specialized buoy, and the most unusual about him is that he really flipped (Flip - literally translated as "roll").

The Flip length is 108 meters, with a small narrow compartments substantially the length of the hollow compartment and a large end. When these long containers are simply filled with air, flip is in a horizontal position, but when they are filled with sea water, it is like the float is aligned over the sea surface, which ensures a very great stability during severe storms. When the water is drained, the vessel returns to a horizontal position and can be transported to the new raspolozheniyu.

Inside, everything is arranged so that when turned all adjusts to a new position. The cabins are two doors, making it easy to move to a new position. Toilets and some elements of the kitchen are duplicated twice. The whole process takes 28 minutes coup, which is pretty fast for such giganta.

This shifter was built 50 years ago, in 1962, scientists Fred Fisher and Fred Spiess, who needed a calm and steady the ship to study the behavior of sound waves under vodoy.

Flip was designed to study the height of the waves, acoustic signals, water temperature and its density. In order to avoid interference with acoustic instruments, have no ship engines, and constantly need to be towed to the place of research, where it will be anchored. In the vertical position of the vessel becomes extremely stable and tihim.

Already during the very first test was collected many important data on water circulation, the formation of storm waves and movement of seismic waves, the temperature of the oceans and the atmosphere, the sounds of marine animals and many other important oblastey

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