The Great Pyramid

After much research has been put forward engineering theory that the Great Pyramid of Giza was built without the use of a giant stingray, as previously thought. Instead of a giant ramp, pyramid builders used a water sluices on the Nile, to lift the stone blocks on barges to the construction site. This system is simple, but is very complex. The Great Pyramid was built level by level, and it happens so. The first were stacked and fastened together stones initial insulating layer. This created the boundary wall of the insulating stones. Then the area was filled with water and isolation created an artificial stones prud.

In the insulating wall was built water gateway that serves as a rough inner-treated stones using barges to move into the pond. Then the stones were transferred from barges on the bottom of the pond. When the whole pond fills the interior stones, another layer of the Great Pyramid proved to complete. The next step was the addition of water to the pond to fill the area bounded by the second layer of insulating stones. The rise of water in the pond allows to deliver units already at the second level piramidy.

The above figure shows that the "building" pond never be too deep. These workers are in the pond, but there are rocks on the treated prior pyramid. The reason that water does not leak out between the treated stones is that the insulating wall is watertight up to the base of the pyramid. In other words, the water fills the gap between the inner layer treated stones at them all the way to the ground and fills the pond at the top.



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