In the town of Durham in North Carolina (USA) is a railway bridge. Typically, such a bridge built, say, a hundred years ago and regularly carrying service for the good of trains and train. But there is one feature of the bridge: it is very fond of it "blow your socks off" from the trucks that are trying to pass under it. And it was such trucks nemalo.

The bridge is low, so the service road in front of him put a bunch of characters who report that those wishing to pass under the bridge at too high a car waiting for the fiasco, accident and fines for truck and beaten broken bridge. Here are just a dashing truck drivers it does not stop. And despite all the bans? They rush forward, breaking their cars. A bridge worth over and over again maintaining a considerable impact force.
By the way, the authorities of the town, having heard stories about the bridge-destroyer, decided to put another sign notifying drivers about the height of the bridge. Naturally stretched a banner reading, "If you will not be able to pass under this sign means just bump into a bridge." Only now anyone that has not stopped.



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