"Valley of Cocora» (Valle de Cocora) - is a National Park

"Valley of Cocora» (Valle de Cocora) - is a national park, part of the National Natural Park, Colombia
Uncontrolled felling of trees by local residents led to the fact that the Colombian government was forced to take steps to preserve the remaining trees. Since 1985 decree, developed by the Catholic Church and the government of Colombia, prohibiting the cutting of trees under threat of penalty.

Voskonosnaya palm or tseloksilon Andean - Colombia's national tree and the tallest palm tree in the world. This type of palm grows in large groups exclusively in the high valley of Cocora.

The valley is located at a high altitude, which is why it is almost always overcast. Tall palm trees, piercing the clouds are exciting and even slightly unreal views.

Voskonosnye palms grow up to 50 meters and live for about 120 years.

The leaves are dark green with a grayish tinge, trunk cylindrical, smooth, bright and coated with wax.



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