Beauty as a factor of natural selection

Turn in London do not often see. That is, the bus can be lined up, but it all willy-nilly, but that people voluntarily stood facing each other, in the back of his head, waiting for the opportunity to go to the store?
And yet, not so long ago in the central streets such queue stood. It was possible, as in the scoop, go and ask - for what stand citizens? And they would say - a new phone thrown out!
At the stands of any mobile store - dozens of different models to suit all tastes, but all are in favor of the latest apparatus. Professional ethics do not allow me to call the company and model, but not hard to guess.
Something in the flat, shiny device touches a chord of humanity, conquering him with its inner and outer beauty. When this happens, we can only shrug.
There have been moments in my life when the beauty of the weakened knees, his stomach ached, beating heart. According to the teachings of Pavlov, I think it is - the unconditioned reflex. It remains to understand - where is why the nature or evolution has provided us with this reflex?
In South Africa, near the coast of the Indian Ocean, in the cave system Blombach, archaeologists found a stone mortar, in which early humans rubbed pigment, as well as sea shells, in which the paint was mixed.
Striking findings age - 100 thousand years. Anthropologists still believed that the birth of human aesthetics occurred about 50 thousand years later. Evidenced by cave paintings of the Australian Aborigines or the stunning paintings in the French Lascaux.
After visiting the cave of Altamira in northern Spain Pablo Picasso said: "After all the work in the Altamira art began to decline." He was not kidding.

By the way, the newspaper "Times" today announces new studies of rock paintings in the caves of northern Spain. They are based on the opening of the British biologist John Manning that the length of the middle and ring finger in women are less than men. Tens of thousands of years ago, it is even brighter.
Began to consider the hand, and they are almost all women! Image made just for screen printing. It is necessary to take by mouth ocher, natural dye, chewed to a liquid state, to attach to the wall and hand spray paint out of his mouth as an atomizer. So, these hands, almost all women.
This simple fact has spawned a whole theory device prehistoric society. Men hunted game and painted on cave walls, but the women cook meat, maintain focus and engaged in artistic decoration home.
Unconscious desire for beauty, I think we should consider wider and deeper as the perfect existed before homo sapiens.
Take for example the lush colorful, with a metal, like a sports car, tint the peacock's tail, the beauty of which is somehow able to assess his little gray female.
Take a look at the electric light game deepwater creatures living in darkness, the complicated choreography dancing bird of paradise, which performs an amazing solo number for the continuation of posterity.
All nature is riddled with beauty as a factor of natural selection, and the newly released phone - it's just another link in the long chain of beauty.
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