Photos made the first amateur camera

In 1888, George Eastman produced the first accessible to all, "bar of soap", which cost $ 25. It was a simple and lightweight wooden box upholstered in leather, which fits comfortably in your hands.
He was filled with 100 shots on the film, filmed that, you can carry the camera to the factory of the company, which published the pictures. Inside the post, you will find the first shots of the camera. In the picture was captured camera inventor and founder of Kodak, George Eastman.

Before the introduction of the first Kodak photo was considered exclusively the lot of professionals with their massive and expensive equipment (one of these professional cameras you can see below):

Kodak was much more affordable pleasure: it cost $ 25 - about $ 600 in today's money. And to cope with this camera was pretty simple: a small brown box with built-in lenses that need to be directed toward the object. This was followed by the film insert, open the lens cap and press the button. All shooting is over. Then it became a little more complicated. While not yet been amateur photo labs, and polaroid cameras. Kodak sold with a set of 100 negatives. Otschёlkav whole hundred, they were sent back with the camera on the Kodak company that produced it and showed pictures. Kodak then sent to the client photos and camera ready to capture another 100 species. As a result, we can see the scenes in the 1890s was considered necessary to preserve for posterity the first winner of the Kodak:



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