Marriage at a height (49 photos)

The author visited the picturesque bridge, the movement of which was opened in 2007, the authorities long to decide to open the suspended dome.
At first we thought to make the observation deck, then a restaurant, in the end - the registrar.

1. Pull up to the bridge and registry offices can Krylatskoj street. In front of a small park we did.

2. Promenade.

3-suffering "egg» :)


5. The main building is located in the land registry office. This is where the wedding will take place.

6. Now here comes clock repair. The plan must pass the object to the new year. Let's see what's inside!

7. The main entrance on the ground floor of nothing but glass elevator and staircase leading upstairs. I hope there will be a good conditioning, because such a glass box would be great to bask in the summer.


9. Second floor - for employees serving the company.

10. The wedding hall is located on the third floor.

11. The walls are already decorated festive pattern with doves and floral patterns. Soon there will be heard Mendelssohn's march.



14. Ceiling bit strange, when viewed along the rails, or if you raise your head up - see all the internal structures.

15. Leave the room and go to the elevators. Workers break.


17. The two cabins, each for 6-8 persons. Another feature - at a frost of -15 elevators do not work (as well as in high winds), but yesterday it was -11, they are still not functioning. So if you are thinking of marrying in the cold, climb to the top platform will fail. Yes, he will be paid the rise, the value defined by the operator. Will I be able to rise to any interested person, or just the newlyweds and their guests - is also not known.


19. On this occasion climbed onto the roof of the building. In my opinion Scenic bridge - the most beautiful in the city. And we are lacking in similar places where visitors to the capital have sought and Muscovites themselves.


21. On the opposite side two more lifts, but only in case of emergency. On this beach there is the entrance.

22. On the roof of the ellipsoid at first flocked ice and there was a danger of its falling on cars. Therefore, there is established a special system that prevents its accumulation.

23. Go upstairs on foot. If you do not stop the rise will take about 5 minutes Pleasures really little - under the feet of steel mesh, does not inspire confidence;)




27. A lot of talk was the topic that at the top of wanted to open a restaurant, but did not provide toilet accommodation. But one of the workers said that the draft of the restaurant toilets were present (though I do not understand how it would work in the winter). Now the only pipe that leads to the top (silver left) is intended for fire suppression. But the water flows into it under strong pressure if necessary, and then somehow drained if freezing outside.


29. The building of the registrar and a small park.

30. Beauty!

31. We got to the site.

32. This also suitable lifts.

33. The main room is divided into two parts of the wall. Now it is carried out communications and put the marble floor. Perhaps here, too, will conduct the wedding, otherwise it will be only seasonal viewing platform. The windows do not open here, how often they are washed - do not know why it does not shoot very interesting.




37. The separation wall was the utility room.

38. Under the main hall there is another floor, technical. By the way, the whole structure sways. I do not say very much, but it was felt, however, for this design, it is quite normal.

39. They say that the toilets had to be exactly here, right under the stairs :)



42. On the stairs you can climb even higher.



45. By the way, the bridge is full of lights. It is waiting for when they all turned on, it will be very nice. I promise that with the opening of the facility and will include lighting.

46. ​​

47. The maximum point, the height of the arches Picturesque bridge - 105 meters. By the way, tell us how you like the idea to the registrar? There are alternative ideas that could be placed on a picturesque bridge?


49. I am not sure that all will have time to finish the remaining two weeks before the end of the year, but if works continue around the clock schedule, then early next year, the registrar will receive its first guests.



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