Huge water mill

The biggest water mill located in the village of Laxey, which is located on an island between the United Kingdom and Ireland. Its dimensions are 22 m in diameter and 1, 83 m in width.

The creator of a giant wheel - Robert Casement, in 1854 he created this masterpiece of engineering. Mill gave the romantic name - "Lady Isabel" in honor of the wife of the then Governor-General Charles Hope. Wheel immediately became one of the most famous local landmarks and popular tourist destination has been half a century.

In the early 19th century in the village of Laxey were discovered deposits of lead, zinc and other metals, but production was hampered due to the ground water. To pump out water pumps needed to steam engines. Since coal on the island was not there, but the water was abundant, it was born the idea of ​​a hydraulic structure.

Self-taught engineer Robert Casement was instructed to solve this difficult problem. He built a system of channels through which water from the local mountain streams collected and fed through a bridge on the wheel. The pump station is set in motion by the action of the energy generated by a watermill. Wheel operates at three revolutions per minute, it was enough to raise the ground water from a depth of 1,500 meters to the surface, every minute the volume of production was approximately 250 gallons.

Today, with the help of the wheel is no longer pumped groundwater, but it is still run to entertain travelers who want to see this exciting spectacle.

Water Mill - the main attraction of the village of Laxey



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