The winners of the photo contest «Red Bull Illume 2013"

As you may recall, last month we showed you a photo contest finalists who were invited to Hong Kong. It was there recently announced the winners in all categories, as well as the overall winner.

Offer you all the winners and their work.

The overall winner - Lorenz Holden.

Category «Close Up»
Winner - Yeru Niehyues.

Finalist - Morgan Maassen.

Finalist - George Karbas.

Finalist - Stuart Gibson.

Category «Illumination»
Winner - Scott Serfas.

Finalist - Jody McDonald.

Finalist - Ryan Taylor.

Finalist - Nicolas Yuttsi.

Category «Sequence»
Winner - Zachary Noyl.

Finalist - Vince Perry.

Category «Lifestyle»
Winner - Morgan Maassen.

Category «New Creativity»
Winner - Daniel Vojtech.

Finalist - Juan Cruz Rabal.

Category «Spirit»
Winner - Chris Burkard.

Finalist - Stuart Gibson.

The remaining finalists.

See you later, once the compilation of the photo contest.


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