Fashion Week in Jakarta (Jakarta Fashion Week 2010) - Asian accents

In the capital of Indonesia was a week of high fashion «Jakarta Fashion Week - 2010". Guests saw the show as local designers manage to combine European trends with Asian flair.

Six days on the podium Pacific Place climbed models dressed in clothes not only local designers, but also visitors from abroad. The most vivid impressions left model designers who participated in the show «Dewi Fashion Knights 2010» - Kiata Kwanda, Stella Rissa, Ali Charisma and many others.

Indonesian designers are not afraid to experiment, using a sophisticated mix of fabrics, their colors, as well as all elements of ornaments and decorations. Of all these names are closest to the national color work Ali Charisma. But Saverio and Octaviano more likely to form the basis of a gray and white.


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