The day in pictures, May 13, 2011

The country has received day. There were many protests and demonstrations. Violation of the law and others. Although it is not surprising. After all, it's Friday! Moreover, Friday the thirteenth.

Female black jaguar Lolo playing with his son at the zoo Ward Amman, Jordan.

Airport Bangkok continues to be one of the main transit points for illegal export of animals.

Worker cleans the roof of the Congress in the Brazilian capital, Brasilia.

More complex work with Chinese window cleaners. They wash the windows of the tower Zhifeng in Nanjing. Under them 450 meters of free flight.

Plane East China airlines on the background of the Moon is landing in Shanghai, China.

Hindus give just an excuse to sprinkle themselves with paint. At this time celebrating the successful election in Calcutta, India.

Afghan boys fly kites near the ruined tomb on the outskirts of Kabul.

Haitian paints pillar near the Presidential Palace in Port-au-Prince. Tomorrow, the newly elected president has to pass the inauguration.

Chilean students staged a protest march in Valpariso, due to innovations in education.

In Uganda, once again freed opposition leader Kizza Besige.

Supporters of the disgraced leader would make a large-scale meeting his idol. But everything ended as always.

Today protests in Yemen reached a critical point. Sana is full of discontent.

Campaign headquarters of President Barack Obama began the campaign. Office in Chicago attended by journalists.

Spanish Prime Minister Luis Rodriguez Zapatero (second from left) visited the town of Lorca earthquake victims.

In Paris, the journalists decided to attract the public's attention in a way that's the problem Geskire Herve and Stephane Tapone who are held hostage by the Taliban in Afghanistan for 500 days.

Surfers looking for a place for a wave in the Brazilian Barra de Tijuca.

Player Basketball Club «Chicago Bulls» Joaquim Noah enjoys its exit of the club in the conference finals.

Ice hockey players against Sweden today produced a ticket to the World Cup finals, winning in an intense duel Czech team.

The second finalist was the team of Finland, to understand with the Russians with a score of 3: 0.

Shot from the future. Fields of solar panels. Real place in the south of France in Le Mi. 50 hectares of solar panels.

Preparation of the first international flight of the aircraft Solar «Solar Impulse» from the Swiss Payena in Brussels, Belgium.

Johnny Depp at the premiere of the film "Pirates of the Caribbean On Stranger Tides," in London.

Panoramic picture of the Milky Way and the Universe behind him made astrophotographer Nick Rizinbergom.

Photo: AP, Getty Images, Reuters


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