Danielle Kn (Danielle Kn) in swimsuits Zeugari

On this model it is not known anything. Not who she is or what is involved. With its appearance, it is at least strange. Of course, it is understood the answer that she model. We also know that she is originally from South Africa.

A new collection of swimsuits and other beachwear brand Zeugari rather varied and diverse. As a photographer for lukbuka was hired by the famous master of his craft Sueylz Greg (Greg Swales). Make-up - the work of Jean Beatrice (Beatrice Jean), well, the main role was at the beauty Danielle Kn (Danielle Kn). Maybe she still inexperienced as a fashion model. Therefore, it is too monotonous turned posture and facial expression. To blame the photographer is fundamentally wrong - it was originally all depends on the ability of the girl and her photogenic. On the last point at Daniel seems to be all right.


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