White Sun of the Desert Park Lencois Maranhenses

Unique National Park called "Lensua Maranenses» (Lencois Maranhenses) is located in the northeast of Brazil, in the state of Maranhao, known primarily its spaceport Alcantara.

What is the uniqueness of the reserve? It would seem that a seemingly ordinary desert. But with this experience and begin. In fact, in front of you, no not a desert. Precipitation falls here hundreds of times more than most deserts. All precipitation form freshwater lakes between the dunes of white sand. When the rainy season, "desert" comes to life here and the birds. In lakes, of course, there are living organisms (fish, molluscs, amphibians, etc.). But the main attraction "Lensua Maranenses» (Lencois Maranhenses) - is, of course, a magical combination of white sand and turquoise-blue clear water.


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