Salt marsh looking glass de Uyuni (Salar de Uyuni)

Bolivian salt marsh, which arose on the site of a dried-up salt lake in the southern desert Altiplano plateau, at an altitude of 3650 meters above sea level, is a favorite place for photographers. The total area of ​​saline over 10 500 square meters. m.

The thickness of the salt marsh de Uyuni (Salar de Uyuni) varies from eight to two meters. Scientists estimate that it contains about 10 billion tons of salt reserves. We're talking about the world's largest salt marsh. Legendary American Bonneville "smokes on the sidelines," as an area 25 times smaller than our subject of the story. In the rainy season marsh covered with a thin layer of water and hits another record - the world's largest mirror surface. For tourists, locals build mini-hotels of salt blocks, where you can stay in office. Must see panoramic photo at the end of the material!



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