Stunning glass sculptures by Robert Mickelson (Robert Mickelson)

American master glass cases creates incredible beauty and precision of sculpture, using as colored and clear glass. Looking at his work, you realize how fragile everything in our world.

Robert Mickelson (Robert Mickelson) was born in 1951 in the small American town of Fort Belvoir, Virginia, but grew up in the Hawaiian capital of Honolulu. After studying for only one year in college, a guy threw a "bad job", and more than two years he studied at the skill of the glassblower pros. But in addition to the mechanics of it he gave nothing. Only after a master class from the famous masters Paul Stenkarda, Robert realized his calling. After two years, the sculptor has ceased to carry on their work fairs and concentrated solely on the galleries. The case went sharply uphill and is now one of the most famous masters of glass processing in North America.


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