Creative manicure Kaylee O'Connor (Kayleigh O'Connor)

British student fascinated by design approach to the use of artificial nails manicure eight years ago. Since then, it took a lot of time, and most importantly, she has achieved notable success in this field.

Kaylee O'Connor (Kayleigh O'Connor) first tried to create something the author when she was sixteen years old. And, as the girl herself, while her work is reminiscent of scenes from horror movies. And not with the best of their hand. Now, the Briton is a student at Birmingham University, which is quite famous for its creativity and does not like that girl with a bad habit of biting nails :) Miss O'Connor believes that the simple patterns or regular nail - it's boring. Therefore, the creation of thematic concepts, based on the life: fashion, movies, music, books, culture etc.



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