Twenty-five qualities of Srimati Radharani.


1). Radharani infinitely charming, she - the ocean of sweetness.
2). She always keeps the youth and freshness.
3). Her beautiful eyes are restless.
4). Her smile is charming.

5). Her hands and feet marked by favorable signs.
6). The scent of her body crazy Krishna.
7). Radharani best sings and plays the fault.
8). Her words are enjoyable and fun to all who listen to it.
10). Radharani - the embodiment of humility and meekness.
11). Mercy and compassion.
12). No one can compete with her mind and wit.
13). Radharani perfectly knows the science of love.
14). Shyness and modesty - the jewel of her character.
15) Radharani - a symbol of modesty and honesty.
16) It is never exposed to the dismay of worldly sorrow and suffering.
17). It is serious and its ideals sublime.
18). She reigned with Krishna.
19) Radharani has mahabhava, the highest expression of love.
20). Radharani - ocean of love inhabitants of Gokula.
21). Her transcendental glory sanctifies the three worlds.
22). It nourishes the love of his mentors (father and mother).
23). She is obedient to love their older friends.
24). Radharani chief among the gopis
25). She always keeps Krishna under his control. Krishna obedient Radharani.


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