■ Words with five consecutive consonants: agency, sabotage, carrier, publishing, construction, angstroms, wakefulness, woodcock.
■ Word 6 consonants in a row: adyunktstvo.
■ Word 6 consecutive consonants and one vowel; vzbzdnut.
■ Word 7 consonants in a row: kontrvstrecha (possibly invented).
■ Words ending with 3 consonants in a row: register, alabaster.
■ Word with 3 vowels in a row (the so-called hiatus) shines.
■ Word with 4 vowels in a row: radioaeronavigatsiya.
■ Words with the letter E 3 in a row: a long-necked, zmeeed.
■ Words with 3 letters of a row: zooobedinenie, dooonovsky.
■ Words with 3 letters u: defending, feeling.
■ word with 4 letters I: emerging.
■ Words with 2 soft signs: herring, casual.
■ Word with 3 soft signs: multifunctionality.
■ Word with 3 letters th: Cenozoic.
■ Word with 3 letters w: pecking.
■ Words with 3 letters s: winning dug (all vowels s).
■ word with 4 letters s: elicits.
■ Words in the roots of which 2 are identical consonants: burns, pissing.
■ The longest monosyllable: Casual.

Palindromes - words and phrases that reads the same forward and backward:
• trampling
• Flood
• grandfather
• tartrate
• Sabbath
• tent

• A rose fell on the paw Azor
• A fox, he is smart - rat cheese to it wore
• Argentina beckons Negro
• Died, and peace be upon him.
• Cook, keep the bow.
• It is a long time in hell.
• The boar fell and leg on one side
• Lena stuffed face her husband, the husband yelled and banana eating
• To them I Iranian scenarios, the name and satchel with scenes arias. (Palindrome-ravnoritmitsa)

Palindromes werewolves in which phrases in the forward and backward read do not match. For example, indecent palindrome: Smiles Mokar your grandfather.

Pantogrammy (ravnorifmitsa, Heterogram) - the phrase that reads the same to the ear, but differ in different positions of the separators:
• Go for a shaman, the valley - sing, soul, mandolin!
• Gorda mountains distance eh?
• Morning burns dogma in my dog ​​barks trails.
• Hurt - for the cause.
• And wildly to me - come to me.
• maimed - until treated.
• We have been married - we're on you.
• You foal - you're a child.
• absurdity of things - carry different things.
• It is necessary to be - his wife will produce.
• It is necessary to wait - it is necessary to train.
• Take a guitar - take care of packaging.
• Mouth Is - have become - whether in a hundred - tired?


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