How to create the perfect wardrobe?

Women dressed tastefully, always think about their outfits to the smallest detail. To think their way of shopping and planning necessary for every woman, so it's important to view your wardrobe at least once every three months. As a result, you get the ideal things that are in harmony with each other.

Remember that the process of creating the perfect wardrobe can be divided into two parts:

1. Periodic audits of things in the locker room.
2. Plan Purchases and shopping process itself as such.

The first paragraph may not be as enjoyable as the second, but believe that without him can not do. Let's get started ...
Step One - revision of things in the locker room Remove all things from the cabinet, including the contents of different boxes and boxes. Throw away without regret: Torn clothes that already can not be repaired. Clothes out of fashion. Clothes, not suitable in size (thinner or recovered). Clothes, faded from frequent washings. Clothes in the non-printing spots.

Reanimates those things that can still be saved - cut off the excess thread and pellets, sew buttons missing, bleach white blouses. Get rid of clothes that did not put the last two years. Put it in a box with the words "Red Cross" and send it to the destination. Do it now, do not put it off till later.

I do not argue that the process may be delayed. Remember the main thing - do not try on the thing, because if you do not even remember whether it fit you, and then it will not be a relevant and useful.

Step Two - Analyze the number of things in the locker room and separate them into the following categories: Dressing for the office. Wardrobe for every day. Evening dresses. Sportswear. Clothing for the house. Clothing for sleep.
If possible, keep things from each category separately, or use colored hangers.

Always think over the evening that will wear in the morning. Consider the weather forecast. Before you leave home, be sure to look great in the mirror and tell yourself that you are the most beautiful!


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