Typically American humor

On the way to the registry office to marry, a young couple got into a terrible catastrophe. And here they were at the gates of Paradise, in anticipation of St.. Peter. While waiting for him, they thought, and wondered whether to get married here in heaven. Finally, St. Peter came and they asked him about it. "I do not know - he said. - No one was interested in this. Let me go and find out everything. " And he was gone. A couple waited result. Months. And they have already started to think about whether they should get married at all, because it will be forever. "What if we get tired?" - They thought. A month later returned to Peter, he looked harassed order. "I learned everything. You still can get married. " "Excellent! - Said the couple. - But what if we do not get? Will we then get a divorce? "Peter already flushed with anger. "What's the matter? What you're scared? I spent three months to find a priest here. Can you imagine how much time you will need to find a lawyer here ??? "


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